Soul Temple

Limping among the ashes of pure malignancy,
Crawling on broken hopes...

Dreams no longer flourish in the barren gardens of my soul,
I have so long settled for the mere thought of prosperity,
My legs were crippled by my arrogance and wrongdoing,
Stabbed a hundred times in the dark alleys of my unexplored heart,

I run to the high temples of my body,
Untouched monuments spread among my hands,
I hide myself in the protecting arms of the High Priestess that guards
the essence of my soul,
A sea of dirty water flows along the traces of my impatience,
And the temple falls so slowly to the hands of an ever growing army
of hate and fear.

I must protect the scriptures that write up my spirit,
I must look beyond the citizens that make up my personality,
I must be victorious, and the Temple must be saved from it`s
enduring faith.

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