Just a quick note about the following poem...This was a very old poem, written while I was in high school for a creative writing class assignment that had specific guidelines. Since someone commented on the fact that it seems to contradict my otherwise peace-loving web site, I would like to speak to them... I am not sure why they posted their comments as Anonymous, but I appreciate their constructive criticism. In fact, because of their note, I decided to put this note in for others who might be confused. In high school, I was an angry rebel and it showed in many of my creative writing endeavors. Now, as a 57 year old woman with 2 children, much of what I write and everything in my life has mellowed. Thank goodness!

Vehicles For Revenge

Itís far too late for him I hate;
His wrong he canít redress.
Whatever fate I predicate,
I shall be pitiless.

Iíll kick that clown all over town,
Which wonít reduce my rancor.
Iíll weigh him down and watch him drown,
And use him for an anchor.

His bod may boil in bubbling oil,
Or writhe upon the rack.
And though itís cruel I shanít recoil;
Iíll tie him to the track.
A wicked blow may work him woe;
So may a nasty knife.
Or aíla Poe Iíll stow my foe
Behind a wall for life.

What injury did he to me
That I should be so graphic?
Of treachery the apogee--

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