DRY PLANT Percolation Preferences

DRY PLANT Percolation Preferences

These are herbs that are BEST used as dry plant tinctures,
even though many others are APPROPRIATE as dry plant tinctures
Herbs such as Cardamom, resinous gums and Chinese herbs, if tinctured,
are presumed to be dry...no choice

Actea (all species) Root (Baneberry) 1:5, 80% alcohol
Aesculus (all species) Bark and Fruit) (Buckeyes) 1:5, 50% alcohol
Apocynum (all) Root (Dogbane, Canadian Hemp) 1:5, 50% alcohol
Arctostaphylos (all) Leaf (Uva Ursi, Manzanita) 1:5, 50% alcohol
Asclepias (all except tuberosa) Root 1:5, 50% alcohol
Bursera Gum 1:5, 80% alcohol
Capsicum (all) Pods (Cayenne) 1:5, 95% alcohol
Caulophyllum thalictroiides Root 1:5, 60% alcohol
Chamaelirium Root (Helonias) 1:5, 50% alcohol
Cypripedium (all) Root (Lady Slipper) 1:5, 60%. Warning: if you use this
RARE plant, you MAY be reborn as a motion detector over the front
door at the Walmart in Espanola, NM

Datura (all) Leaf 1:10, 60% alcohol
Delphinium (all) Seeds 1:5, 95% alcohol
Euonymus (all) Bark (Wahoo, Burning Bush) 1:5, 60% alcohol
Guaiacum officinale Wood (Lignum Vitae) 1:5, 95% alcohol
Iris (all) Root (Blue Flag) 1:5, 80% alcohol
Juniperus (all) Berries 1:5, 75% alcohol
Larrea tridentata Tops (Chaparral) 1:5, 75% alcohol
Leptandra Root (Veronicastrum Culvers Root) 1:5, 65% alcohol
Panax (all, including American) Root, etc. (Ginseng) 1:5, 70% alcohol
Petroselinum Root (Parsley Root) 1:5, 60% alcohol
Piscidia Bark (Jamaica Dogwood) 1:5, 60% alcohol
Podophyllum Root (American Mandrake) 1:5, 95% alcohol
Sanguinaria Root (Blood Root) 1:5, 60% alcohol
Sticta Lichen (Lungwort Moss) 1:5, 60% alcohol
Usnea Lichen (Usnea) 1:5, 50% alcohol
Veratrum (all) Root (False Hellebore) 1:10, 95% alcohol
Viscum album Herb (European Mistletoe) 1:5, 65% alcohol
Xanthoxylum (all) Berries, Bark (Prickly Ash) 1:5, 65% alcohol

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